Go To Sleep Honey

Combining honey with melatonin creates a powerful natural 1-2 punch

SunD Vitamin D

It's formula starts with a whopping 4,000 IU’s per serving of Vitamin D

Purple Guardian

One of the most powerful anti-aging supplements on the planet

E3 Energy Drink

Revolutionary, new, energy drink combining powerful nutritional “energizers

What others are saying…

Go To Sleep Honey

“My husband and I have been using Go To Sleep Honey for approximately two months now. Prior to this product each of us would wake up at least twice a night to use the bathroom or due to the other tossing and turning. Since taking the honey, we have had no restless nights and wake up feeling refreshed, we don’t have that groggy feeling in the morning either. We are extremely happy with this product and certainly feel it has provided us with more quality sleep!” Taylor G., Lake City, MN


“I’m a health freak and gym enthusiast. I believe what shows on the outside is because of what you put on the inside. I’m very health conscious and when I discovered these vitamins, supplements, and healthy alternatives created by a company called ‘Ageless Impact’ I had to give them all a try. I take 2 in the A.M. and two and night. I took a glance at all the other product’s labels and they use stevia, a healthy alternative to artificial sugar and I LOVE that!” Justin L., San Diego, CA

Purple Guardian

“I have wondered for years why no one made Resveratrol from the skins of the muscadine grape – well finally someone has. I really like the Purple Guardian product & it certainly seems to be helping with my energy levels. If you’re unfamiliar with all the healthy benefits of consuming Muscadine grapes, the seeds, & especially the skins then simply do web-search on these grapes. They are truly one of nature’s healthiest grapes & best holistic medicines. This product has my stamp of approval & I will be reordering soon.” CG Harry

E3 Energy Drink

“I have been using E3 for over a decade.  When I was first introduced to E3 I wasn’t sleeping well due to chronic pain.  My first thought was that I could sure use extra energy, and I loved the fact that it was natural and loaded with great vitamins.  After taking the product for a few weeks, I noticed a whole lot more than just extra energy.  I was feeling better, sleeping better, and started losing weight.  I experienced such an improvement in how I felt, that I contribute my experience with E3 as the starting point to a life of better nutrition and healthy choices.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants more energy, more mental clarity and just wants to feel better all around.” Jodi O., Ishpeming, WI

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